After School Program With School Pick Up

Our After School enrichment program includes everything! This is not a Martial Art’s Only After School Program.

With our Program one of our staff members, who are ALL State Background check approved, as well as CPR/BLS providers through American Heart, will pick your child up From School and Transport them in our fully Insured Vehicles to our location. After that they will Have time to get their Homework Done, so that you as Hard Working parents have a little less to worry about at the end of your day so that you can spend those extra minutes with your family just like we do.

At 4pm we will begin alternating between several fun daily activities such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Dance, Tumbling, Boxing, Indoor and out Door Sports such as volleyball, soccer, and dodgeball!!!

This will Absolutely be the BEST After School program your Child has ever experienced, Feel free to ask any of our Other AWESOME PARENTS!!!”

Anyone who understands that anything that’s worth having rarely comes easy and they will need to work for it. We will change your mindset through tough yet doable training that will, in turn, change your life.

About us

The very first thing you’ll notice is we’re not your typical gym. There are no Crossfit workouts, bootcamps, spin, or zumba classes. We focus on your core as the foundation, while pushing you to your cardiovascular and strength limits. Each individual has their own unique personal best; we will help you find it aggressively and safely. There’s no reasons why you can’t or excuses why you shouldn’t.

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After School Program With School Pick Up Classes

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Complete Nutritional Coaching

Diets don’t work – smart choices do. But your nutrition plan needs to be PRACTICAL. What and when you eat is vital for your success, but they also need to be realistic.


Monday – FridayMonday — FridaySunday — WednesdaySaturday
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45 Minutes 45 Minutes Thursday 55 Minutes
  7:00PM & 8:00PM 
  55 Minutes 


Real People Getting Real Results

Look better, feel better & increase energy

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